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An Irresistible Flavor From Farm To Table 

About Us

As a brand marketing company focusing on fresh specialty mushrooms, Appreciation Mushrooms is based on “professionalism and focus”, aiming to provide more customers and mushroom lovers with pesticide-free, safe, nutritious, delicious and fresher mushrooms. Our fresh specialty mushrooms are certified organic, never use pesticides, herbicides or fungicides (synthetic, natural or certified organic) at all stages of our mushroom growing cycle. The local American farms we work closely with are located in East (New Jersey), South (Atlanta) and West (Seattle), growing and supplying over 11 million pounds year-round, with subsequent supplies of up to 20 million pounds. Greenhouse-grown, season-less year-round supply is guaranteed. We sow, plant, harvest and pack our mushrooms almost every day.


What Makes Us Special

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Organic certification

We are organic certified fresh specialty mushrooms

Image by Hanson Lu

Shorter Shipping Distance

We have farms located east, south and west of the U.S that work closely with us to provide fresh produce in the shortest possible time after picking up. Without the need to travel long distances between the east and west coasts, the shipping miles are significantly reduced.


Unique Taste And Nutrition 

More nutritious, richer and softer taste of the main varieties of shiitake and oyster mushrooms


Guaranteed Supply

Over 11 million pounds planted and supplied throughout the year, grown in greenhouses, with no seasonal year-round supply


Excellent Packaging Containers

Our current containers are #1 grade flip-top PETE, and we are developing new containers that will extend the shelf life more effectively.


Nutrition Customized

Each of our mushrooms can be selected in different varieties, weights and packaging to meet the different taste and nutritional needs of our customers and mushroom lovers

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